Dyenamo Orange                           


    During 2012 and 2013, Dyenamo Orange (D35) has been established worldwide as 

    a reference organic dye for DSSCs. Excellent device stability has been obtained both

     under light and after at least 1000 h storage in darkness at temperatures of 85°C. 

    The absorption spectrum of D35 makes it interesting also for indoor application due 

    to a good match with fluorescent light. Moreover, it has been concluded that 

    Dyenamo Orange (D35) is an excellent choice for see-through DSSC devices, due to 

    high performance, good stability (also at 85°C), and an attractive orange color.

    Full name: 


    cyanoacrylic acid

    Alternative name: 


    CAS number: 



    E0 = 1.04 V vs. NHE 

    λ max = 500 nm (31 000 M-1cm-1) 

    λ em = 597 nm (ethanol) 

    λ em = 658 nm (dichloromethane) 

    E0-0 = 2.18 eV 

    MW = 863.11 g/mol


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